This blog is dedicated to all the fat chicks out there that get counted out, because of their weight. I want to share my advice, experiences, ups, downs, awesome websites, special deals, and anything else that pops into my mind. Most importantly I hope I can make you laugh. Everybody needs to laugh :0D

Oct 29, 2010

I DID IT!!!!! I Really Did It!


Giveaways with Grace

I started another website. Don't get your panties in a bunch I am still keeping this one, because let's face it...I need a place where I can swear, rant, rave, and embarrass my children. Plus I like all my blogger friends that I have found through this blog. If you like me when I am this bad then you'll love me on my other site. I just started it so don't get all judgemental when you check it out. It's a work in progress and I still have some content to add. Oh you want to know what kind of site it is, well it's the best kind...a giveaway site. Why? Because as hard as it is for you all to believe I am quite opinionated...yeah I know it's a shock, but we'll get through it together. I like giving people reviews on products and just about anything else. I pretty much have an opinion about everything. So go check it out and love me more...



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