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Dec 3, 2010

I Miss My Old Self!!!


My hysterical 6 year old sat on the couch with a serious, sad face and said,

Son: "Mommy, I miss my old self."

It was all I could do not to laugh...this was a serious moment after all.

Me: "Well, which old self is that?" (after all he is only 6 years old)

Son: "The self that I was back when I was 5."

Me: "Well, Honey that was a long time ago and people change. Why do you feel that way?"

Son: "I was a better kid then."

Me: "I think you are pretty great right now."

Son: "Yeah I am, but I was better then."

Me: "Oh, I love you  bean." (Yeah I call him bean, not really sure why).

This got me to thinking. You know this is a serious thought for such a little man to have. Between my laughter, I actually, kind of, felt sorry for him. I often feel like I miss my old self. Back when I was 5, well maybe not that young, but before I lost my virginity...he was a real asshole. Gosh, the things I could change, but then I started thinking about that movie Click and got scared. I might have actually ended up successful had I done things differently and then I couldn't enjoy my trailer park life now. That would be tragic! Okay my life isn't that bad...but I do wonder sometimes.

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