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Dec 3, 2010

I Miss My Old Self!!!


My hysterical 6 year old sat on the couch with a serious, sad face and said,

Son: "Mommy, I miss my old self."

It was all I could do not to laugh...this was a serious moment after all.

Me: "Well, which old self is that?" (after all he is only 6 years old)

Son: "The self that I was back when I was 5."

Me: "Well, Honey that was a long time ago and people change. Why do you feel that way?"

Son: "I was a better kid then."

Me: "I think you are pretty great right now."

Son: "Yeah I am, but I was better then."

Me: "Oh, I love you  bean." (Yeah I call him bean, not really sure why).

This got me to thinking. You know this is a serious thought for such a little man to have. Between my laughter, I actually, kind of, felt sorry for him. I often feel like I miss my old self. Back when I was 5, well maybe not that young, but before I lost my virginity...he was a real asshole. Gosh, the things I could change, but then I started thinking about that movie Click and got scared. I might have actually ended up successful had I done things differently and then I couldn't enjoy my trailer park life now. That would be tragic! Okay my life isn't that bad...but I do wonder sometimes.


Mommy Lisa said...

The things they think...amazing.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, kid talk like this cracks me up! My niece says stuff life this all the time.
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Andrea Chopra said...

Every person who has gained weight experiences that. It's kinda frustrating, but you need to get up and get going. You can be your old self again. Just find the determination in you to work out and exercise.

Andrea said...

Wow.. I stumbled on to your blog.. I googled Ghost Pops to show my 5 year old what we were going to make for his Halloween Party at school.. Your Title had me interested lol since I always say that lol.. then come to find out we have a very similar personalities lol Then knew I should follow your blog when I realized you call your son "Bean" as do I LOL well it started as KoKo Bean but now its just "Bean".. If you enjoy reading blogs feel free to read mine :)

Saphura said...

this is the best blog i have came across in my entire life.. its exactly wat i have been looking for! :)

visit their homepage said...

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