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Nov 4, 2010

Halloween Long Ago!


With the ending of another Halloween, trick or treating, craziness I long for the Halloweens of long ago. That and I want to win a camera from SITS who just happens to offer the best blogging tips ever, by the way Tiffany is Pretty (you'll have to go to their site to understand my randomness).

              It's a cold rainy night, but I can feel the excitement rise up in my back. I love going Trick or Treating, I just wished everybody could see my Strawberry Shortcake costume that my mom made for me. It's awesome, but I have to wear this winter jacket or I'll freeze. I guess I'll just have to open it every time I get to the door. They just have to see it.
              My aunt pulls up in her van and my sister, mother, and I all hop in. This is going to be awesome...I can't believe how much candy I am going to get. My aunt slowly drives house to house as we hop out and run to the door, "Trick or Treat." Wow! A snickers bar...I love them, they are so nummy. "I really like going to this house." This goes on for a couple hours with us jumping out and back in with our new candy treasures. Then mom asks us the question we have been waiting for, "Do you want to stop at grandma's?"
"Well YES mom! She's gives us the best, most tastiest, popcorn balls ever!." You see she makes hers with molasses, not carmel. They are my favorite. We pull up out front of grandma's house and we don't even wait for the van to come to a complete stop before we whip open the door and run to grandma. She picks on us, "Well who do we have here? Do I know you? Well of course I do. I didn't recognize you in your costumes. Come in so i can get you a special treat." I love the way grandma's house smells. It always smells like she is baking, whether she is or not. Her popcorn balls are the only thing we are allowed to eat before we go home so daddy can "check" our candy. She gives us one to eat right away and one for the road. "I love you grandma."
            It's time to head back home with a pumpkin so full that we had to empty it into a paper bag half way through the night. My dad is waiting for us so he can do the most important thing  before we eat any candy. He needs to check it to make sure it's safe. I love my daddy, he always takes the "unsafe" candy and eats it so that we can't get sick :)

I love Halloween.



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