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Sep 10, 2009

I Have A Confession!


When I tell you this story you have to promise not to judge me.


Okay. So I have this fun little habit that I like to do and my husband tells me that it's creepy and someday I'll get arrested, but I don't think it's against the law. I have always been a people observer. I just find people interesting and I like to watch them. Well somewhere along the way I have developed this interesting thing that I do. Okay, Well...Alright! Well, you know at night when you are driving in your car and a house has it's lights on? know how if you look, you can see inside the house if their curtains are open? Well I like to look. Its fascinating to see what their house looks like on the inside. Is it Clean? Dirty? What kinds of decorations are hanging up? Do they have painted walls or wallpaper? (yes some people still use wallpaper).

It's just a curious habit that I have, especially during the holidays when they have all their decorations up. I'll be honest, it's not always a good thing. I have seen my fair share of asses and they are not always pretty, but for the most part ot's been a good experience. It's not like I go up to the window and stand there looking in. It's just a quick glimpse of someone elses life as we pass by. Thank you to all of those people who leave their curtains open.  
I'm not a freak. Am I?


Chickie said...

You are SO not a freak! I love to do this too! I like to see if people are watching t.v., having dinner, whatever. I'm just curious as to what my fellow man is up to.

Kat said...

You are totally not a freak. I love to look inside people's houses and when I can't do it in reallife I check out websites where people upload pictures of their homes like on

BJ_Mama said...

You're the person I'm always scared of....but probably give quite a show. We have large windows and live on a corner of a busy street...and yes, we leave the curtains open too often...

Grace Matthews said...

Okay so where do you live?

Just Joking :)

Anonymous said...

I'm LMAO cuz I do that too. I mean doesn't everyone?? People are a curious sort, and if there's a light in the darkness...I am always drawn to it!

Anonymous said...

I totally do this when I take a walk. People should shut their curtains if they don't want people to look in! Love the new look by the way.

ck said...

Freak. KIDDING! I've been known to glance in a window from time to time while walking the dog. It amazes me how many people have red living rooms. Dark, blood red living rooms.


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