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Sep 8, 2009

Want? Need? A Little of Both


I decided to go back to college and take a Literacy Add-On Program to enhance by Bachelor's degree. In order to qualify I needed to add a course so I decided to take a photography class. I have always loved taking pictures and I get so irritated with myself when I they do not come out. Well when I signed up they told me all I needed was a digital camera and I just so happen to hae one of those so I figured I was all set. Guess What? It's not the right kind. I need an SLR camera so after a little research I found the perfect one...

Isn't she beautiful? It's the Canon EOS Rebel XS18-55IS Kit...and it's all your for the low, low price of...wait for it....$549.88. Now if only I had that much money?


BJ_Mama said...

I want one of those too! My SIL took a class like that and LOVED it! (she's super happy she did) I hope you get your camera!

Andie said...

that is actually a REALLY GOOD price for the kit.

Anonymous said...

My work camera was the Rebel XSR. Loved it! I could not take a bad picture with it. I want one now.


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