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Oct 14, 2010



So my mother, sister, and brother came for a visit. That was uneventful and fun, no one got hurt :)
My youngest son loves to play games so he talked them into playing Buzz Mega Quiz:

BUZZ: The Mega Quiz

This game Rocks! Especially if you want to show your kids that you ARE smarter than them.
My mother, two sons, and sister (who is not too smart) all decided to play. My mother of course knew most of the answers, but is not quick enough so she was struggling a bit until this question came up:

The award given to a musical artist for selling a lot of records.

Then it gave them four choices to pick from and my mother is the ONLY one that got it right!


My youngest son looked at her and said:

"Well of course you got it right, because you ARE a Grammy!"


Show Me Mama said...

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Have a great weekend

Jannie Funster said...

Blogger, did you eat my comment you naughty naughty thing today?

Looks like a really really fun game!!



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