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Oct 10, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Well thank you to a few of my awesome blogger friends for such great advice. Jannie Funster over at and Michelle over at gave me a few websites that I could check out and Queenie Jeannie suggested I start an Etsy shop which I just might do if I can figure out how to make anything. If any of you have any other ideas that would be awesome. Prostitution is not an option...I already thought about that.

My next thought is: Should I start a separate blog that has more of a focus? What are some good blog topics? Should I get rid of this blog? I could keep both or just turn this blog into something besides my rantings about my pathetic life. What do you all think? (WOW! I almost sounded southern there for a minute)


La Jolla Mom said...

I tried to post a comment but not sure if it went through so here goes again just in case.

Anyway, if I were to start over I would be more focused. That being said it's HARD because whenever I do or see something awesome I want to share it even if it doesn't fit into the right box. So I would say, do what makes you happy. You have to enjoy it after all!

Karinaxoxo said...

Etsy is great if you are crafty - but if you are anything like me, I have no hope of making anything that is good enough quality for people to buy hahaha.
That is why I considering making a sale blog - to sell everything of mine i don't want (I have a habit of buying clothes, shoes, bags etc and NEVER using them)
You could do it with anything (kind of like a yard sale). Kids Clothes, Homewares??

bernthis said...

part of me says, use your blog since getting people over to a new one is a freakin drag no matter how much they love you but then again, starting one with a focus on selling...

I know, very helpful. You're welcome

lisaschaos said...

good luck in your ventures and your decision making, I'm horrible at making my own choices so I won't offer an opinion, lol. :0)

Jannie Funster said...

Well, that was nice you linked me up!

Well, I think your blog is awesome as it is. I know mine sure has evolved since I began it. Blogs do that.

Jannie thinks that because YOU are the star here, you post what YOU like to, whatever you find interesting. Your passion shows and we all like passion, whatever you blog about.

Folks always like photos the blog owner takes, because it seems like such a piece of their soul is shared. Any kind of pix you posts - nature, fun, cool things you see.

I say stick with this blog. (My opinion only, of course.)

And you can always post a huge button link to your etsy!


Unknown Mami said...

I wouldn't be able to manage more than one blog.

Follow your gut. My gut feels queasy right now, so don't follow mine.


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