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Oct 25, 2010

Step Dad?


My six year old son is a laugh a minute. I have no idea where he gets his ideas from or his vocabulary. This is a conversation we had this past week.

Son: "Mom, I want Coach Jason to be my step dad."

Me: (Look at my husband and snicker) "Well okay...Do you know what would have to happen in order for that to happen?"

Son: Looks at me like he's ready to drop a turd.

Me: "I would have to divorce daddy and marry Coach Jason."

Son: "Okay"

Me: (roll eyes and laugh, drop subject)

Next Day,

Son: "Mom I really want Coach Jason to be my step dad."

Me: "Sweetheart, that means Riley ( Coach Jason's son who just happens to be in the same class) would be your brother."

Son: "SWEET! Would Spencer still be my brother?"

Me: "Yes, Spencer will always be your brother."

Son: "That means (BIG SMILE) my last name would be Dunlap."

Me: "Well what would Riley's mom and daddy do? They would be all alone and lonely."

Son: "They could marry each other."

Me: "Well, I'm glad we got that settled."


Linda said...

OMG! your blog is just too funny. I'm following you back! I'm looking forward to reading your posts

Hilary said...

I LOVE it! Your son cracks me up. It seems like he has it all figured out.


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