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Nov 4, 2009

I Feel Better!


Dear EX Friend,

         First of all we have only been friends for like ten minutes you creepy bitch.  You should really come with a warning label. It is not cool for someone your age to be so clingy. Go home and fuck your husband HARD! You obviously did not get enough attention when you were a kid...that's why crack addicts should NOT have children. It is NOT cool to call me every ten minutes to see what I am doing. Who the fuck gave you my number anyways? OMG if you say one more thing about your "holier than thou" husband I will slit your wrists...not mine, because I like me too much. He use to be the biggest drug dealer this town has ever seen and you were his crack whore so explain to me again why you two are better than everyone else? Oh that's right you were saved and the rest of us are all going to HELL! Well guess what? As long as you are not there, It'll be heaven to me. You are a fucking FREAK! You wonder why you have no friends and people scatter when they see you coming....hmmm let me guess. Is it because you talk about yourself non-stop? Is it because you are a hypocrit? Is it because you suck the life out of everyone you come within a five mile radius of? Oh No, I got it...Maybe it's because you stab people in the back and  then try to be their friends? No that's not it. You stand there all high and mighty sucking on your cigarette like your giving a blow job. Who fucking taught you to smoke anyway? You are suppose to inhale. BTW. You look fucking stupid! Maybe instead of praying for me you should be praying for a fucking brain. Oh, I sound ignorant when I say the "f" word? Well FUCK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Gracie is pissssed off! So back off and quit praying all over her! She don't like it, k?

I got your back:)

Chickie said...

You should totally read this to her the next time she calls!

Kat said...

We have got to be twins separated after birth because girl? This rant could've been straight out of my mouth. Tell her!

Unknown Mami said...

Ugh! Make her go away now!

iTeresa said...

Just came across your blog. LOVE IT, and this post, hahahaha


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