This blog is dedicated to all the fat chicks out there that get counted out, because of their weight. I want to share my advice, experiences, ups, downs, awesome websites, special deals, and anything else that pops into my mind. Most importantly I hope I can make you laugh. Everybody needs to laugh :0D

Sep 8, 2010



I know I skipped out on all of you and I am so sorry. I would like to say that my life has been awesomely busy that I just haven't had time for blogging, but I think we all know that would be big fat lie (no pun intended). I have missed you all in my attempt to jump back into Corporate America. Long story short ---- it chewed me up and spit me out. I forgot how political everything is. As my daddy always use to say, "It's not who you know, but who you blow." Needless to say my husband wouldn't let me share my awesome talents, so I am jobless yet again :o(    I am sitting her wondering what stay ay home moms do? I am so not a house cleaner...WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? I don't really know, but I guess I'll have to figure it out. I am looking forward to chatting will all of you....I've so missed my blogger friends.


bernthis said...

welcome back to the blog world. I haven't had a corporate job in a very long time and trust me, the politics are the same in every world

jennyonthespot said...

Well, I facebook and tweet all day. Start there ;) Welcome back to the land of the living... Or... something.

Chickie said...

Glad to see you again!

Unknown Mami said...

I've missed you, too. I'm sorry corporate America chewed you up, but I am glad you are back.


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