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Aug 24, 2009

10 Things You Should Never Buy Used


Ok, so I was reading this article called "Ten Things You Should Never Buy Used" it talked about all this electronic stuff and household items. There are a few things that came to mind while reading this that were not on the list so here is my version of
"10 Things You Should Never Buy Used"

1. Underwear

2. Bathing Suit

3. Toothbrush

4. Deodorant

5. Hairbrush

6. Vibrators

7. Lipstick

8. Ped-Egg

9. Pantyhose

10. Make-up

I think I would buy a used computer part before I'd buy any of these items used.

1 comment

Unknown Mami said...

There isn't water hot enough to justify buying used underwear.


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