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Aug 8, 2009

Seedless Watermelon!


My 5 year old begged me for watermelon today and since it's fruit and it's good for you I really couldn't deny him. They were $3 a piece so he had to pick the largest one and it was all I could do to lift it. There was this huge sticker on them that said seedless watermelon, so I was pretty excited about that. While I was trying to juggle it out of the fridge and onto the counter tonight I dropped the huge monster on my big toe. Let's just say I said quite a few curse words and I know that my toe will never be the same again. My poor toe. It did help in the cutting it open process, because it split right open...I hate cutting watermelon...I never have a big enough knife. So I ask you this.

Does this look like a seedless watermelon to you?



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