This blog is dedicated to all the fat chicks out there that get counted out, because of their weight. I want to share my advice, experiences, ups, downs, awesome websites, special deals, and anything else that pops into my mind. Most importantly I hope I can make you laugh. Everybody needs to laugh :0D

Aug 11, 2009

I Need An Umbrella


With my birthday just a week away and no money to spend, I have been taking a closer look at things that I want VS things that I need. I have decided to dedicate part of my blog to these difficult decisions. Sometimes it's hard to separate the two. Like I just got back from my youngest son's football practice and I got soaked...I look like Boog off Open Season when he ends up in the river. Football season is a long season and it rains all the time here. I feel that I really need an umbrella. I know that some would argue, but I can't afford to go the doctor's if I get sick so I'd rather get the umbrella. I'm not sure if I will actually break down and buy one, because I can always thinnk of better ways to use the money, but I'm gonna mark this one down as a need.

Laugh Factor ~ Today is laundry day so when I got dressed I ended up with a black bra and pink shirt. I was okay with the, because who would know? You couldn't see through my pink shirt until it started to pore at football practice...Yes I was the fat chick in the black bra and wet pink t-shirt. Of course if I was a size 3 it would have been considered sexy. Instead 5 year olds and probably some adults are gonna have nightmares tonight.



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