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Aug 16, 2009

I Want Karyn Bosnak's Books!


I am an avid reader and like to read a lot of different genres. Since I have been keeping up with Karyn Bosnak's website I have just fallen in love with her...I know better late than never right. So I decided that I just have to have to her books. I tried to reason that this was a definite need, but my husband insists that it is a want. What do you think?


Angelfrouk said...

I think it's a want :P
But i must say, the books are quite good. I didn't think they were as funny as the discriptions in the magazines i read said they were. But still quite good.
The 20 times a lady is a little hard to get into. I was on page 40 and still wondering why i continued to read, but something grabbed me and in 2 days i'm almost finished. Good books.

Lesli said...

I own and loved both books. But Save Karyn is my favorite. It was very easy to relate to!

Andie said...

I have both books and i have met Karyn in person. She is hilarious and so much fun to be around- just like her books.

You could probably join and find them there, OR you could probably check them out from your public library!


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