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Aug 11, 2009

I Need a Haircut


I really need a haircut...I'm starting to look like a Chia Pet. I just can not spend the money right now and have been racking my brain to figure out a way. I'm about to take the clippers to it, even if I end up looking like PeeWee Herman. I'm glad I have boys, because I can just use the clippers on them and my husband. In fact my nephew left them here when he moved out so it literally costs me nothing but time. I think I'm gonna see if there are any Beauty Schools in the area...I know sometimes they'll give you a free do if you let them experiment on you. I know it's risky, but anything is better than the hot mess I have going on right now.Wish Me Luck

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Anonymous said...

I cut about an inch off mine myself a few months ago. I've only had 1 haircut this whole year. It didn't turn out too bad for me, go for it!


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