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Aug 5, 2009

I Broke My Favorite Coffee Mug : (


For all you coffee drinkers out know how devestating it can be to break your favorite coffee mug. It's like ripping your favorite undies, losing your favorite pj's, or sitting on your favorite pair of sunglasses. I am so devestated... I loved that stupid mug. I opened the cupboard door and it just fell out...someone (probably my husband) left it sitting on the edge. Something this traumatic HAS to be someones fault. It couldn't have been an accident, just couldn't have been. Do you think I could glue it back together? Maybe. So I sweep up the pieces careful not to lose any and I place it in a paperbag. Well, I still need to have my morning coffee so now what cup will I use? I have probably 50 to choose from and my husband insists taht I have too many, but what if I have company? They need to have something to choose from. So I narrow it down to about 10 mugs, but you know whichever one I use just won't be the same. It won't have that nice cozy feeling in my hand. I'll have to break it in like a new pair of's a long and painful process! So here's to my favorite coffee mug...May you rest in peace.



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