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Aug 9, 2009

"I Hate My Life" ~ Bette Midler


I just got done watching Beaches. I forgot how much I love that movie. I love Bette Midler anyway, she always plays a spunky character. I can't believe how much Myim Bialik really looks like her either. Through out the whole movie she is saying "I Hate My Life". I'm really glad I watched it when I did, because it reminded me that she never gave up, no matter how bad things got for her. She was successful and her friend that had all the money had her husband cheat on her and she ended up dieing. So the next thing I did was go to Karyn Bosnak's website and realized that she never gave up either. Her circumstances were a little different than mine. My debt is not from credit cards, however DEBT IS matter where it comes from. I'm not giving up! I can't, I have two beautiful boys that are depending on me to figure this out. So I'm gonna put a PayPal link on this website and if you can donate anything that would be great. I will also give you my mailing address. The other thing that you can do is buy any of my items by clicking on the links to the right. I thank you for anything that you can do. Trust me, this isn't easy. I've never done anything like this before, but I need to do this.



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