This blog is dedicated to all the fat chicks out there that get counted out, because of their weight. I want to share my advice, experiences, ups, downs, awesome websites, special deals, and anything else that pops into my mind. Most importantly I hope I can make you laugh. Everybody needs to laugh :0D

Aug 15, 2009

Fat Chick Fund!


Okay so I have decided to Promote my Fat Chick Fund. I've got a little something for everyone that decides to be generous enough to donate some money to MY Fat Chick Fund. Okay are you ready? Wait for it....

Yes! That's right people...for every dollar you donate you wil get a Fat Chick Buck in return. You might ask, What are they good for? Well let me tell you. They are good for a laugh, stick them in a birthday card, give them to a friend that is having a bad day, use them for monopoly money, throw them all over your bed and roll in them...okay that might be stretching it. I think you get my point though. The first person to donate get's an extra $5.00 Fat Chick Bucks, if you donate more than $20, you'll get a special one of a kind $100 Fat Chick Buck. Who can resist that?

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King of New York Hacks said...

I think your currency is worth more than our current dollar...I'll have to see how the market is on Monday. LOL


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